Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today Stay & Play bought it's first real asset- our espresso machine! We now own a La Cimbali M30 Dosatron! She is red, and experienced, and was making espresso just this morning at her old restaurant. But we are really excited to have her join the Stay & Play team! We even named her. Essie. I am so excited to think of all the happy parents she will warm up, satisfy, and caffeinate in our store. We are currently trying to rig her up in the house so we can really hone our brewing skills.

Here are a few photos.

I think Essie has always wanted to work in a play cafe. Evidence: she came to us with a Curious George sticker on one of her knobs.

So great to see this first piece of the cafe become tangible! Stay tuned! We'll keep you posted as more comes together.


  1. Looks awesome. Any update on planned/expected opening dates?

  2. Thanks! We are excited about it! We hope to open as soon as possible this fall. We'll be able to make more definite plans once we get our lease signed which we hope will be very soon. Keep checking back for updates!

  3. Sweet. No hints on the location though? :)