Monday, April 8, 2013


There are so many new things in the cafe this morning that I think we actually need a blogpost to cover it. Facebook will just not suffice.

We were so glad to receive your responses to the survey. They confirmed a lot of what we had already been planning to work on, be we also got some tips on things we hadn't thought of. One of those was trouble with the baby gate blocking the kitchen. I'm happy to report that this morning we have a new picket fence similar to the one at the front door which will be much sturdier for keeping out our little explorers. Yay!!

We, along with you, had been dying to get some color up on our walls. But we were holding out for the right artist to exhibit with us who would be a great fit for the cafe. Kelsey Melville just hung her art on our walls last night and I'm so excited to introduce you to her work and her talent! The other exciting thing is that her pieces are available for purchase. So if you love them as much as we do, just let us know at the counter and we can arrange for you to take one home.

We have started to expand our menu as well. Last week we began offering vegan Coconut Banana cookies and Appalachian Trail Bars from 9th Street Bakery. The cookies are super yummy, as are the trail bars--which are packed with enough nutrition to make a mini-meal. This week we are also adding mini-cheesecakes from local baker Milk and Honey. These will be the perfect and delish mama treat to add on to your snack tray. They even fit in a muffin cup! Could it get any better? For spring and summer we will also be adding a whole menu of yummy flavored ice tea choices and some blended drinks. We'll keep you posted on those as they arrive.

The last announcement is that we heard you loud and clear on our membership pricing. We have decided to change the plan and offer 6 month memberships instead of yearly ones. A 6-month membership for one child will now be $70, for a family (2 or more kids) it is $125. If you add it up, it's still a markdown from the old price, but it also allows you to try the membership with less risk and see how frequent visits to Stay & Play fit in to your life. We think you will love building a community here!

Phew! It's like a whole new place! When you come back in I think you'll really notice the fresh energy here. Can't wait to see you!