Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up and running at kickstarter!

Well, it's been a good first half day at kickstarter! We've already hit 7% of our funding, thanks to our super pioneer backers! You guys who have gotten us up and running over there are just awesome and I am so thankful for you! It's great to know that there are people who love this idea enough to actually put some proof behind it. There are a few pioneers who I've never met yet too, and that feels really cool. It's like we are instant friends because we are both into this thing!

If you are thinking about making a pledge, jump in and do it! The more momentum we can build at the beginning, the better and more convincing our case will be for people who aren't sure about us yet. (Remember this money doesn't actually draft for a month, and then it only drafts if the cafe is actually going to go!) It's going to take a lot of momentum to get us all the way to the goal, and every little push will help. Here is the link to the project. It's going to be an exciting ride! Jump on!

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