Monday, June 25, 2012

Flyers ready to fly!

Wooooo! The excitement is riding high over here this evening. I am just about to push go on our humble, no wait, AWESOME, kickstarter project. We are planning some cool events over the next few weeks to get out and tell people in person about why we need Stay & Play and what it will take to bring it here, namely pledges to our kickstarter campaign. So look for me around town and say hello! I would love to build you a boat or hat . . . That's right folks, if you are willing to talk to me for a minute, you will the chance to watch our little flyer transform itself before your very eyes into a boat or a hat. In some venues, we will be adding feathers or flags to our creations. But the important thing about this is to get us all excited about hanging out together and doing fun things with our kids. I'm looking forward to seeing you! By the way, if this boat/hat thing is just too exciting for you to wait on, here is a copy of the flyer (2 sides) for you to print out and make at home. I would just print the front if you can only do one side (like my home printer). See you soon! Hopefully wearing your Stay & Play hat!

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