Friday, December 14, 2012

Working for beans

The life of a play cafe owner has many facets, some glamourous and some not so. But some of its recent perks have come through our coffee selection process. We have been meeting some of the nicest roasters, suppliers, machine specialists, etc., and they keep making us really fabulous cups of coffee. The other day when we went to pick up Essie from the repair shop we were exposed to such a force in the realm of espresso that it left me buzzed in more than one sense. Who out there knows Dick Tabor? This man is really cool. I wish you could all meet him. If you get the chance (he takes care of a lot of great coffee-shop equipment in the area), do! You will come away with a much greater appreciation for what an espresso machine is capable of and why that is so wonderful. I hope we can pass on some of that experience to you all. We sure will try!

But yesterday I also had the pleasure of receiving at my door a basket of 5 kinds of locally roasted fair trade beans from a roaster in Durham called Bean Peace. We sampled one (decaf!) version with dessert last night and really enjoyed it. Today we are visiting another roaster in Raleigh to try their coffee. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Ok, have I made you jealous yet? If so just notice the time this was posted. (Then, relax, it must be on pacific time! : ) ) It wasn't the first thing I did this morning by a long shot either. 5:30 wake-ups are one of those less glamourous facets. Good thing they go along with good coffee right? : )

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