Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We did it! You did it!

Well well well, we've bought ourselves a play cafe. : ) It was quite a dramatic finish! We had a whopping 65 new backers today to add to the 157 earlier bird backers we starter with 24 hours ago. 222 people are in and we are going to go! THIS IS SO EXCITING! I am abuzz with thoughts and ideas and plans that now get to become concrete. I am so thankful for everyone that put their faith in this concept and am ready to give it my all to make this place awesome.

Please let me know if you have suggestions about how to do it, and let's get to work!

Oh, just wanted to also leave you with this picture (it's by Jeremy B) that I've had open in my browser for the last week or so when it looked anything but sure:

And then we didn't fail! Yayyyyyy!!!!!! But just be reminded guys, try! You never know. Look, we did it!


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  2. Hi Emily! Congrats on this amazing venture! How is the best way to contact you (my previous message was hijacked by a screaming toddler).

  3. Sorry for the delay! You can send an email to stayandplaydurham (at) gmail (dot) com.